Saturday, January 3, 2009

Swap Talk

Gotta love "House" -- the sarcastic, caustic, genius doctor at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

The House Swap on craftster is in full swing! I sent last week and received this week from my partner Nesse. She has some amazing stencil skills -- check out the loot:


What a haul, huh?! A coffee sleeve (embroidered with the phrase: "Better be careful. I've got a full bladder and I'm not afraid to use it."), a zippered pouch with the House logo stencil, some candies and not one, but two great tote bags with the Greg stencil and "It's not Lupus" -- I absolutely love those bags!!

What did she get from me? Well, a couple of bad puns, a t-shirt and a goofy hat, that's what!


The shirt was done with a bleach pen. It's a fun technique, and I'll definitely try it again. Thinking I should have outlined the words with a sharpie to really make them pop.

Goofy hat, you ask? Well, I'm in love with making these friggian (that's f-r-i-g-g-I-a-n) hats, as I call them. They're an "interesting" shape that's lots of fun and sure to get comments.


The other side has the phrase: "It's the only thing that explains everything" -- because House *is* the only thing that explains everything.

Bad puns? you ask. That must be a typo, there are no bad puns, right? Right! HA Here's a picture of one:


Shrinky Dink key chain and cell phone charms...for her House keys and for making House calls. Get it? House keys. House calls. It's a House swap.....*sigh*


Now I'm in another swap: ANOTHER Pincushion Swap Round 10. This swap filled up *fast* and we've been assigned partners. I'm super lucky to be exchanging with stacysews. I've been stalking her and am excited to report that I have a couple of ideas already! But, that's all I will say for now....sendouts are due by February 3, so watch for the next installment of "Swap Talk" later this month!


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