Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chicks Rule!

It's true! I'll have to get a photo this weekend, but I am super happy with my latest 'creation' -- an adorable dress for Leith. It's made with light blue D&G "Chicks Rule!" fabric for the body and navy blue for the sleeves and neckline. It's my take on the Olivia pattern.

For some reason I'm rather hesitant to use real explanation, I just have a mental block. This afternoon I decided it was time to use some of that yummy fabric, so I prepared a pattern based on a t-shirt pattern and my interpretation of the Olivia, minus the hood. I'm so excited at how well it came out! I made sure to center one of the chicks on the front chest (maybe it's a little low?), and lucked out with the "Chicks Rule!" being right under the back neckline.

The whole thing sewed up in about an hour! Yes, an hour. She wore it to the ice cream social tonight and got a few compliments, mostly of the "no way you made that!" variety. Planning to wash it (did I mention the ice cream social? lol) and have her wear it to GiGi's birthday party on Sunday.

It's been a busy, exciting evening. After the ice cream social, we drove down to Southpoint and got our new phone plan. Since it's a different carrier than we'd had, I *had* to get a new phone...John twisted my arm and talked me into a BlackBerry Curve. Ruby Red. She's so pretty! Oh! That reminds me...I *do* have a picture of L in the new dress:


Her sleeves are rolled up -- the hem and sleeve ends are just rolled hem on the serger. Used a light blue wooly nylon, but it didn't really show up..just the gray thread. Still, it looks super cute!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday GiGi!!

Today is my grandmother's 92nd birthday! Leith and I drove up to Aurora to visit GiGi and wish her Happy Birthday!

Leith slept in the car mos to the way there...we stopped at the grocery store and bought some ice cream, then headed over to GiGi's place. My mom was there, too. She brought the cake, actually little cupcakes. GiGi opened presents and we sang Happy Birthday to her.

"What do you get for a 92 year old woman?" you may well wonder. I sure did! Luckily she had a wish we got her a clock! Yes, a clock. That's what she wanted so that's what she got!

Leith was pretty hesitant when we first arrived, but she was soon back to her adorable self...even managed to sit for a picture with GiGi! Will post when we get that from my mom's camera. By the time we were leaving, Leith even told GiGi "Happy Birthday" -- unfortunately in a soft voice that GiGi couldn't hear. :-(

We'll have a family party for her on the 28th...combining it with John's birthday so she can help him celebrate his mid-40s. whooo hoooo. He's about as excited as you'd expect him to be. lol


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Time for Sewing!

The duplex is still on the market. We've just had the floors refinished (they look *fantastic*) and Sarah's in the process of painting the entire thing! She's just finished the living room and hallway. Started on one of the bedrooms, but the paint is too pink for those the hall, living room and both bedrooms will be the same latte color, and the bathroom and kitchen will be peachier/sand colored. Then it's over to Y Street for a bathroom paint job there. At least the tenants will be moving in there soon!

Last night we bought a new stove/oven for the duplex. Yay. It'll be delivered today some time.....

John made a beautiful dinner last night: salmon. It's my favorite! Seared salmon, rice and pesto. Mmmmmmmm.

Well, gotta run. Hoping to get a little something accomplished in the sewing pit, er, room this morning. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally some sewing!

I have been sewing. Not every day, but quite often, and having some fun, too.

Used this totally cute cheeky monkey fabric for a skirt for Leith. (Also a too-long scarf and a super cute hat. Have to show those later.) Could not be easier. A simple elastic waist, one side seam and serging along the bottom. It's great practice, and I'm finally becoming confident with elastic waists!

Photobucket Image Hosting

I really like this picture. She doesn't look so great, but the colors are terrific and there's just a nice 'urban' look to it (great spin on "our neighbor's ugly driveway and garage" eh?).

She was playing with a stick, doing the "aaaarumpf rumpf rumpf" sound of leading the Wild Things parade.

There are also several elmo fleece items in our hallway, waiting for an etsy listing or the Montessori Craft Fair. Better get some pictures.

Ohhhh, also, I went to Scout today. She had the cutest kidiquins (my word. I'm so proud.) made from muslin. Yes, I will be making one or two for display purposes at the craft fair. Of course, if someone wanted to buy one, I wouldn't be opposed.....hoping to make one tomorrow or at least over the weekend, just to see how it goes.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Thursday night was an etsy team meeting. So much fun!!! It also was a kick in my pants, productivity-wise. I love spending time with creative minds. Okay, and just getting out of the house was refreshing, too!

Friday, Allen and Nanda visited. Dinner at The Oven (ooooohhhhh YUM) and coffee/tea and cookies at home. Then they were off again this morning.

Farmers Market for us this morning. If by morning I mean 11:40 (FM closes at Noon!). I did manage to remember the Montessori craft fair applications, and handed out several of them while we were there. It's been ages since we last had a FM run, so it was wonderful to see all the new booths, and check out my old favorites.

Lucinda and I went out for lunch - mmmmmm Thai food! Then headed back here and she continued her quest to improve our 'curb appeal' -- the space between the curb and sidewalk was dismal, at best. She's been digging up that, planting this, replanting's starting to look like someone cares! Today was thyme and Lamb's ear - she brought some from her gorgeous yard. We even managed to put down a flagstone/rock, so I don't step on the plants when getting into the passenger seat of our car.

John and Leith went to a math department picnic, so I had over two glorious hours to myself. I used it for good and not evil! Finished up two skirts, cut and sewed a scarf (supposedly for Leith but much to long, so darn it, I'll have to keep it for myself), and traced several patterns. Next up is stitching some straps and ties and getting to those Anna tops I have cut out!

Leith was so exhausted she went to sleep at 7:30 pm! She *never* does that -- but she didn't want to nap today, and we've been busy, busy, busy. Here's hoping she'll just sleep through until morning.

Lots of stormy weather right now. Wind howling, rain beating on the roof and windows. I really enjoy 'good' storms -- no tornados, or damages, just wet, noisy nature.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeling the Swap Love!

We received the most wonderful shirts from barbolot in the craftster A Week of Baby Onesies Swap!! The following pictures do no justice to the fabulous work she did.

These shirts are soooooo amazing. Leith loves them, and dh and I do too! Loving the math and chemistry themes -- and the execution is so *beautiful*!

First up, a stenciled dalek. We <3 The Doctor over here, and this is super cool!


I found out later that this is freezer paper stenciled from a drawing she did! No, it's not photocopied, it's freehand!

An appliqued and hand embroidered robot! The "L" is done wtih tiny little beads.


Then chemistry goodness:

a beaker full of cherries (reverse applique and hand embroidery)




Happy H2O molecule!! (machine applique)

I think this one is my favorite -- because Leith is the apple of my pi - er, apple of my eye! - and we lurve apple pi(e):


hand applique. What you can't see is the gorgeous hand embroidered blanket stitch around everything!

Plus, that picture just cracks me up!

Check out barbolot's blog. It's one of my favorites -- she's *very* talented!