Thursday, April 15, 2010

Much Randomness

Have had a couple of good/fun days lately. Super excited about our new house -- we close next Thursday!

**The local craigslist has been a great source for new-to-us items. We've purchased a sink/faucet/garbage disposal from a guy who was doing a remodel. Which means that we can get rid of our old, dodgy sink/faucet from the '80s and leap into the 21st century (yeah, I *know* it's 10 years old!), for less than the price of a new-new faucet. So, the incredibly heavy sink is in the back of the truck until the handyman gets here. Which won't be until some time after I call him....where's that number again?

**Great Find #2 on craigslist: I've purchased two shelves to use as a base for the cutting table! Great price, perfect size! Pretty sure I'll be building/buying two more, longer shelves for the rest of the base. Great storage, eh?

cl shelves

**Leith is growing by leaps and bounds. It's (usually) so much fun to talk with her and watch her mind at work. A couple of things she's said lately:

She and I were in the car, waiting for John. Leith took off her shoes and, for whatever reason, was smelling her feet. I know. Then she says: "hey mom. my toes smell like hotdogs." (why she thinks that I'll never know. Pretty sure she's never, ever, had a hotdog!)

Today she said: "hey mom. when do we cancel again?" I say: "cancel? cancel what honey?" She says: "cancel and move to our new house." I about busted a gut laughing. She meant "close" -- but "cancel's a good substitute.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Christy (Nelson dot Net, TM)!!

What better way to give a first look at a birthday-present-for-a-blogger than through a blog post?!

Today is my friend's birthday. Christy is an awesome blogger and crafter, a great mom to her two adorable kids, and a good friend. She is also crazy about Neil Diamond.

Christy's husband Carl (a great guy in his own right) is out of town today doing super cool, top secret, work stuff. Okay, not top secret, but the point is he's out of town and now Christy has to spend her birthday without him. [awwwwwwww]

Even though your husband's out of town, and Neil isn't returning your calls, it doesn't mean you can't have a huggable substitute!

perfect for snuggling

the back

Just so you know, Christy, it took a lot of money, time and effort to create this pillow case. (HA!) Actually, the main part is a t-shirt from the thrift store (yay GW 99c day!!), a hot wash and dry, a few cuts and serged seams, then voila! An envelope-back pillow case that's just perfect for a snuggle while listening to Neil crooning and missing your husband.

Have a happy birthday Christy and I hope you like your present!