Saturday, January 24, 2009

Giveaway Saturday

There is a lesson for today's drawing: be prepared, and be prepared *early*!

There will be a drawing for today, but life gets in the way of posting sometimes.....(Jessica had a flat tire on the interstate, and we've had to put aside most of this morning's activities to get that taken care of....everything's fine, so don't worry.)

So, no pictures yet, but today's giveaway is an adult size, reversible apron! One side is the Alexander Henry "In the Kitchen" print, in the blue colorway. The bottom fabric in this image.

We're in Central City to visit my parents now, and will be back at the home computer late this evening to post the picture.

Go ahead and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing....comments for all drawings are open until Noon on Sunday, January 25.



Chimera Crochet said...

Hmm, a midwestern hawaiian dish?

Christy said...

I will be excited to win any of your giveaways but I would be MOST excited for this one!

She said...

Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!
maumauisginger (at) gmail (dot) com

julie said...

I'm excited for this giveaway, too!

Jess said...

Can't wait to see the picture!

Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

I love the concept of "refibered". Not thinking about prunes either. (bad I know!)

yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com
Love 2 Sew 4 Fun
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SmrfChic said...

Oh, me me me me! :-D

malinda said...

So cute!

Carolyn G said...

Oh my, I am a fiend for aprons!! I can't wait to see it!

stacysews said...

Aprons! I love aprons - I should wear more of them because I'm terribly messy in the kitchen!

Sue Cahill said...

What fun, mystery giveaway.
Please throw my name in if I'm not too late.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

WriteDesign said...

Flat tires are the worst!! Glad that everything is ok. :)