Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Fabric Finds

It's no secret that I love fabric. New fabric from retailers. Old fabric from tshirts. Unknown fabric from thrift shops. What's not to love?!

Friday Fabric Finds is a new blog endeavor -- so new that I just thought of it and am totally unprepared for today! Not to mention that most of the day I've thought it was Sunday. *sigh*

It will likely evolve, but I anticipate it to be a series of postings about, well, fabric. Whether it's new lines, stuff I want, stuff I've bought, great deals or expensive-as-all-get-out (hello, Liberty of London, I'm looking at you!).

Today's episode is dedicated to a couple of my favorite online shops who just happen to be having great sales!

Bunte Fabrics - yum. yum. yum. European fabrics. Organics. Japanese imports. The ribbons! The buttons!

Sewzannes - loads of great fabrics, notions and patterns at great prices. Also quite possibly the world's fastest shipping!

The Fabric Fairy - gorgeous knits. Sometimes her outlet has 'bonanza boxes' -- they aren't always in stock but they are always amazing deals!

Where, pray tell, did I hear of such fabulous shops? Over at Sewing Mamas. A wonderful forum full of information and inspiration. Check it out, and let me know when you become a member!


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