Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh, Oh, Olivia!

I have been sewing, almost every day! Just haven't been taking pics. Oh well.

In the last couple of days, I've finished these Farbenmix "Olivia" dresses. Leith's tried on the Dinosaur dress, but hasn't seen the grape dress. She lurves hoods, so these dresses are pretty popular with the tyke.

Dinosaurs are for Girls!

She and John go to Morrill Hall quite often to look at the dinosaur bones, so this one is doubly impressive to a three year old!

My favorite, though, is this one:

Grape Olivia

I lined the hood, added the pocket (it's part of the pattern, just haven't done one before), and tricked out the sleeves. It looks great, and hopefully Leith will like it, too. That's always a risk, eh?

There are two other UFOs that are finally nearing completion...I've been trying to figure out a waistband for a reversible skirt and think I have something that'll work. Should have that finished up tomorrow. Need to finish up an Anna, too. Had to get the right fabric to do one side, and picked it up this afternoon. Yay!


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Chimera Crochet said...

What about one in like a terrycloth as a swimsuit coverup? Or even as a bathrobe type thing? I was just thinking how cute one would be for Elsa, then I thought, oh but summer is coming up, and then of course, I thought towel material. I suppose there are better patterns for a swimmy cover. lol Sorry, you had to witness my whole train of thought there. You gonna do that Wayne craft fair?