Friday, May 21, 2010

Triskaidekaphobia meets ambulosubscalaphobia

There are 13 stairs up to my sewing room....good thing I'm more of a Triskaideka*phile* than phobe!

Triskaidekaphobia  meets ambulosubscalaphobia

The drywall dudes needed a ladder to patch the walls....ambulosubscalaphobia is the unofficial latin for fear of walking under ladders. I really do fear that, so I made John take the picture!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Books, Books and More Books!

We have a library in our now-old house. Well, a pass-through bedroom that we made into a library. Filled with book cases and added shelving. There are also more than a few book cases throughout the now-old house.

books in the living room

Lucky for me, John's in charge of moving all things Library-ish (and Kitchen-ish!) to the new house. You can see he's been pretty busy.

Saturday we'll dismantle the *huge* book case and take it to the new house. It'll be installed in the formal living room and carefully re-filled. Well, not totally. John's been pruning. He has set aside about 25% of the books we own. He says for "further review" -- meaning that he will double-check to be sure we don't "need" them. I think he's hoping I'll take notes for when it comes time to move the little bit of fabric stash that I have.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catching Up

We did manage to close on the house (wayyyy back on April 22!). It was a rather dramatic finish, I must say. What was supposed to have happened at 10:00 a.m. actually got put on hold while bankers discussed how to handle a last-minute negotiated credit. At 4:30 we got a call that everything was ready so we hauled butt down to the title company's office and signed on oh-so-many dotted lines. *whew*

So, it's officially our "new house" now! We're slowly moving things over. Getting estimates for things, having some work done. The list is, thankfully, short:

*roof -- we'll do it in stages; the flat roof first, late next week, then the shingled bit in a couple of months, after our "old house" has sold

*wall paper -- ugh. was not "awful" but definitely NMS (not my style), so we had it professionally removed. Bad news: there's a bit of work to be done on most of the walls. *sigh* Here are a couple of "Before" pictures. The first will be my studio and the second will be Leith's room.

sewing room1

bedroom before - leith

*wall repair and painting -- we have estimates, widely ranging estimates. We're having a remodeler sand and skim the worst bits, and repair a couple of speaker holes (the house has a non-working intercom/speaker system). Hopefully that work will be done by early next week. Then we can figure out the painting thing. We have picked out two of the three necessary colors. At least I've got a little more time to decide on the studio walls!

Great news: there is some *amazing* landscaping. Amazing. I'll get pics this week, since it seems the clouds and cold seem to have moved on....

"Meh" news: the tennis court's in less-than-stellar condition. Several large cracks with weeds growing. lol We'll get it cleaned up and filled in, but we're probably going to have it ripped out at some point and put in some additional patio, a play ground-ish area and some actual lawn.

I'm excited to have some new projects! Yes, it's a hassle to move, deciding what to keep (and where to put it) and what to garage sale/donate. It's also kind of fun to review what we have, where it came from and think about using it in a new space.

Leith cried today when I sold "her favorite toy EVER" -- no worries. It wasn't even a toy! It was a Little Tykes book case. She was consoled with a bit of brownie.

Picture tour coming soon!