Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's been a long week...Leith's been out of school and John's been at school. Toward the end of the week I was really wondering if I'd be able to make it to Saturday without curling up in the fetal position and drinking half our liquor cabinet. Not really. Turns out I don't like drinking anymore! Cosmos just don't taste the same as they did pre-Leith....

Anyway. It's Saturday. What a nice Saturday, too. The weather's cooperating (not 70s yet, but it's a *lovely*spring day.) John and Leith are currently at the Children's Museum and planning a grocery shopping trip on the way home. It's been a blissful couple of hours already. (That sound you hear is a relaxed sigh.)

I've already managed to get some sewing done, and am preparing for more. My goal is to make a cute peasant dress for Little Miss this afternoon, and decide if I want to make more to stock my etsy shop and B Inspired (the cooperative in Central City).

One more bit of good news: I get to participate in Christy's Craft Challenge for *free* in April! Thank goodness for random drawings! lol


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

challenge entry

Have you checked out the challenge entries at

There are some amazing crafts. Seriously, the competition is fierce this month! Lots of Easter-themed projects. And then there's my little entry.

I decided to do something goofy. (Really? go figure!) We bought a doll house for Leith a few weeks ago and we're wanting to paint it up and make it a little bit like our house. Haven't actually gotten around to painting it, but the craft challenge is a perfect excuse to make some funky furnishings!

Since we're given an odd assortment of items, it makes for an interesting room. Well, maybe not *interesting* but definitely interesting. You know?

So. March 2009 Challenge Packet contents: pastel plastic eggs, pearls, pastel buttons, several lengths of pastel curling ribbon, and a loverly pink fabric. We must use some of each of these items, and can use whatever else we want.

From my stash and supplies, I used: glue, a bit of cardboard, a business card, and some green and white dotted fabric.

What I made: a hanging lamp, a side table, a bed with pillow and quilt! I even staged it in the doll house!

March 2009 Challenge Entry - refibered

Here's one where you can see the little pearl and button feet:

March 2009 Challenge Entry - refibered

Make sure you get over there and vote for your favorite. (It won't be mine, trust me. There are some amazing entries!!)


Finally, a little accountability!

I have been sewing, just not showing so much! My current obsession is the apron. They are so much fun! These toddler aprons are a pretty quick finish, and as we all know, instant gratification is *very* important!

The weather has cooperated a few times (not so much the last couple of days!), so I managed to get some modeled shots. Some are modeled by Leith, some are modeled by my patio furniture....don't worry. You'll know which is which without me spelling it out for you!



Pretty little baby blanket.

(oh yeah. turns out the mannequin also helped model...)

There's been more, but that's enough pictures for now. Some of the items are in my etsy shop, some are available at B Inspired, a little shop in the town where my parents live.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Toddler Apron Giveaway Winner!

What a fun week it's been! Lincoln Handmade Team's week of giveaways has been loads of fun, and today I get to announce a winner in the Toddler Apron drawing.

Congratulations to The Holdaways!!

Thanks to all who entered!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whoooo hooooo! Lynette Fast's got a giveaway!

Have you seen her shop? She has *amazing* jewelery. I especially love this ring. Ohhhh it's pretty. I've seen it IRL!

She's doing today's Lincoln Handmade Team giveaway. You can win a set of magnets! Check out her shop, then leave a comment at one of her blogs. Check out the Lincoln Handmade Team blog for more information about her and where to sign up.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Wait, wait! It's not done yet!!

Did you get to Lincoln Handmade Team's blog today? Have you been to crafterella's blog?

What are you waiting for?!

There has been so much crafty goodness and fun giveaways from the Lincoln Handmade Team on Etsy. Plus, Lynette Fast is having a giveaway starting tomorrow. She has some *amazing* jewelery. I am the happy owner of her ART LUV earrings. I'm also in love with her rings...(hint, hint, honey). They are absolutely beautiful.

You also still have time to enter for a chance to win the adorable toddler apron -- you know your monkey needs one! -- right here at refibered. Scroll down or click here and leave a comment. Drawing will be Saturday afternoon, and a winner announced on Sunday.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

refibered's turn for giveaway goodness!

You've heard the hype...Lincoln Handmade Etsy team is hosting a week of giveaways. Today is your chance to win something fabulous from refibered! Lucky you. Well, lucky tot-that-you-know!

Every monkey needs an apron! There are a couple in my shop, and more on the way, but you can enter to win this adorable apron (adorable toddler not included!). Monkeys and jungle animals make for a super cute apron. It's fully reversible to banana yellow. Best of all, it's easily washable!


There is elastic in the neck band, so your tyke can just slip it on over his or her head, and there's one waist strap that closes with Velcro(tm). Super easy for a toddler to do "all by myself" -- fostering independence is mighty important!


How to enter? Just leave a comment and let me know how you heard about refibered and/or the Lincoln Handmade Team giveaway. That's it.

What's that? You *really* want to win? Well, you can get an extra entry by blogging about this giveaway and the Lincoln Handmade Team Week of Giveaways! Entries will be accepted until Noon on Saturday, March 21, and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

That's all there is to it! Come on. You know you want to!


ps: don't forget to check out crafterella and Lynette Fast for chances to win on their blogs, too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Go Team!

Lincoln Handmade Team is hosting a week of giveaways. But you already knew that!

Did you get in on Christy's giveaway? Three months of her craft challenge!

Julie had a St. Patrick's Day beauty on Tuesday -- green in more ways than one! You have until Thursday night to enter, so go. Do it.

Wednesday is Lisa's turn. You could win anything from either of her etsy shops! How's that for fun?!

Luckily for me (and for *you*) tomorrow is your chance to win a kid-sized apron! Check back in the morning for a picture and info about how to enter.


Monday, March 16, 2009

More giveaway goodness!

Just snuck a look at the crafty conservative, and noticed she has a link to a fabric giveaway on MandMStudio. Well, you know I'm a sucker for free fabric, but WOW! What gorgeous fabric. Plus, it's four yards of gorgeousness. Yes, I said four yards.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are you ready for some Giveaway Goodness?!

Starting in just a few hours, some members of the Lincoln Handmade Team on Etsy will be hosting daily giveaways on their blogs! The Lincoln Handmade blog will have members' links and information. So check it out for yourself!

Thursday is refibered's turn to host. What'll it be? You'll have to check back on Wednesday to find out! I can tell you this though: it's super cute and will begin stocking them on March 21!

Each participant has different rules and requirements (gee, that sounds more brusque than intended! It's really more laid back than that, I promise!), so check out the blogs for details.

March 16:
March 17: Kundi Creative
March 18: Chimera Crochet
March 19: refibered
March 20: Crafterella
March 21: LynetteFast

Check out their etsy shops, and remember to check out Lincoln Handmade blog for links to the giveaways!


Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yep. SWAT. Just like on TV.

There have been police cars blocking the cross street just to the South of us (1/2 block away!) and in the alley (adjacent to our house/property).....there are two officers standing at the back of a property two houses down and across the alley from our house. We can't see the front of that property, but we can tell that the street is blocked off. There are six duplex/cottages, and it looks like they're focusing on one of the middle cottages, so we can't exactly see what's happening...

This has been going on for at least three hours. I'm curious, but not alarmed. [5:15 pm]

Jessica, who lives next to us on the North, just called and asked what's going on because *her* friend called and said that SWAT is out front of the cottage property! [5:20pm]

At 5:45, Jessica sent a text message that her friend can see that the police are escorting neighbors out...we haven't been contacted, but are calling the PD to find out if we should leave, too.

LPD dispatch put me through to the Sgt. in charge. He contacted the SWAT commander and asked if we should be leaving....answer: we're not considered for escort, but if we feel unsafe we are welcome to leave.

Soooo, what would any nosy neighbor do? yep. Stay. We can see a lot of what's going on through the attic window.

It's really kind of creepy to see SWAT dudes, with real, *actual* guns, walking up and down the alley just 10 feet from your kitchen! There are a bunch of people outside, some news cameramen, some neighbors, looky-loos, too....

John and Leith went outside to maybe get a little more information. [6:30]

A flurry of activity about 6:40...the police dog straining at his leash...the SWAT dudes moving quickly toward the cottages...

Then it just seemed to be done. What was done? Don't really know!

John and Leith just came back into the house....apparently it was a guy upset about a breakup. Initial report was of someone vandalizing cars in the neighborhood, and apparently the responding officer became concerned and the call turned into a not-so-routine situation.

Looking out the window again, from a slighly different angle, I could see a guy, mid-20s to mid-30s, yellow tshirt, shorts, being handcuffed in the alley. Ultimately, he was loaded into an abulance.

Guess we'll find out more at 10 tonight! (That's when the news is on!)

Whew. Rather exciting, in a strange way. I'm just glad that no one was injured, and am hoping the guy gets whatever help he needs.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lincoln Handmade Team Giveaway Week is Coming!

Some of the Lincoln Handmade Team members have gotten together and will be holding giveaways next week! Each participating team member will have a giveaway on their blog. The Lincoln Handmade blog will have members' blog links and information. Or check out the blogs and shops yourself!

More details coming, just wanted to give you a heads up about who and when:

March 16: Christy Nelson/craftyconservative
March 17: Kundi Creative
March 18: Chimera Crochet
March 19: refibered
March 20: Crafterella
March 21: LynetteFast

Check out their etsy shops, and remember to check out Lincoln Handmade blog for more information!