Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

How are you 'celebrating' the holiday?

There are only a few days until Jessica's wedding, so we're doing more of that sort of thing....practicing hair and make up, working out schedules, finishing details....

There was a bad storm last night, took a couple branches from a tree on our property, but did a lot more damage to other trees/places in the area. The storm only lasted about 30 minutes, if that. Crazy.

John and Leith went to the zoo today. Her first time riding the ponies! John says he thinks that will be a "must do" each time -- like riding the train. It might be cheaper to just buy her a pony!


Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hello! Welcome to my blog. Come in, have a seat. Would you like anything to drink? Perhaps some virtual water, wine or beer? maybe a virtual margarita?

Whatever your beverage of choice, please make yourself at home. If you've just stumbled across this blog, or found me on purpose, I hope you'll enjoy your visit.
My name is Kelly. I'm a lucky wife, mother and very young grandmother. I'm also rather creative, generally happy and an occasional procrastinator. Hence the have several projects on which I should be working right now!

refibered is a concept I had about a year ago. J and I were living in the UK for several months during his faculty development leave. We had a terrific time over there! During that time, I continued the quilting hobby I'd started a few months earlier. One of my small projects between quilt projects, was a reusable fabric bag. I was hooked. It was fun, quick and better project than that!

I made several bags of various sizes and shapes. When we returned to the states, I coined the term "refibered" to mean projects made with recycled, reused and refurbished fabrics. I mentioned the name and bags to a friend of mine and we discovered a shared passion....recylcled, reusable bags. Since then, we've each begun to create bags for gifts and sale....and have used them as they're meant to be used: for groceries, library runs, as basic totes, and on trips.

My goal is to post pictures from time to time, of in-progress and completed projects - whether the project is a bag, article of clothing or quilt. I would love suggestions, critiques and other ideas.

Oh, there will probably be some entries about my family life, too. I'll post a list of 'players' at some point, so you can try to keep up with the cast of characters!