Saturday, February 28, 2009


heard of it? Spoonflower is a company that allows you to create your own pattern and they'll print it on fabric for you.

thelongthread is doing a giveaway for two yards, and they'll even help you create the file from your own artwork. Yowza! Just leave a comment at thelongthread to enter.

Even if I don't win (please pick me, please pick me!), I'm planning to order some fabric in April, and I'll let you know how (and how well!) spoonflower works.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

mmmmmmmm, cake

John made an amazing birthday cake for Leith. "Death by Chocolate" cook book. This cake has it all: chocolate, cashews, chocolate, ganache. Did I mention it was chocolate?

Take a look:


But wait, it gets better.....


Told you it was beautiful.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh my, how time flies!

Happy Birthday to the most adorable little red-head on the planet!! Seems like she was a newborn just a few days ago!


We had a wonderful day. Leith woke up and we could hear her, in her room, chattering away to herself. Then we heard her go into the sewing room (John and I were sort-of awake in bed). We could hear her opening a door and saying something, so we called out to her. She trotted into our room and said "Where's mommy?" John said, "She's right here." "Oh," says Leith "I thought she was in the sewing room, but she's in here with you." Yeppers.

We had a great day: breakfast of brownie cake and milk, spent some time at Morrill Hall (natural history museum) with Tyson, Jess and Corey, then back to the house for chips, dip, veggies and fruit.


Oh, and a glorious, delicious chocolate and cashew cake baked by my own personal chef. Leith opened a ton of presents! Clothes, toys, movies and a train set.


John and I will be putting together the train table later tonight (who am I'll be tomorrow at the earliest.)

We're very lucky to have such a sweet, adorable, beautiful and loving little girl. Big girl, actually. *sigh*


ps: I made the skirt and embellished the shirt. My fave otto skirt pattern, and a quick fussy cut rectangle for the shirt. Babywale corduroy with an elephant/Indian vibe print.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coming up soon....

Feeling much better, and the blechs are pretty much gone at our house (knock wood, eh?), so I've got some ideas and plans to get back into regular blogging.

Look for a couple of tutorials before the end of the month. One is a fun dolly blanket that you could make any size, and it would be a great blanket for a *real* baby, too! I'll also have some quilting ideas, as well as some links to more great online inspiration.

There'll also be a sneak preview to my February Challenge entry. Make sure you sign up for the March Challenge. I hear Christy will be offering an awesome prize!

Since it appears we'll be pretty much snowed in this weekend, I'm hoping that a lot of crafting/sewing/baking will get done. oh yeah, and laundry. Mostly crafting, though!


Friday, February 6, 2009

still kickin'

Things have been hectic (not really more than usual), and kooky. Just not feeling up to posting much.

Here are some links, though, for your surfing pleasure.

*JustTutes -- make a Dashiki!
*tinyhappy -- make a fun bag!
*Sewing Mamas -- make new friends!