Thursday, January 28, 2010

Found: My Crafting Mojo!!

It's been lost for a while. Since October some time....loads of reasons why, but they don't matter anymore. It seems I've found it again and that's what's important!

I'll be busy making some toddler aprons tomorrow and Monday. Will be delivering some to a bakery in Fremont (Alotta Brownies, you should check it out!). Owned by a friend of mine from High School. So about five years ago now. ;-)

Also need to re-stock at the Pleasantview Gallery in the Haymarket and B Inspired in Central City. I'm so excited that the aprons are such a hit! Well, it shouldn't be too surprising. They are super cute! I use a much modified version of the Montessori By Hand apron. She has tons of great patterns available on her website. I'm the proud owner of several of them! I hear great things about her book,'s been added to my Amazon wishlist...

In other crafty news: I have finally decided on a pattern for Leith's 4th birthday quilt!! This is very exciting because I knew sort of what I wanted, but somehow nothing was really clicking. I've been hoarding scads of Japanese novelty-ish fabrics, especially fairy tales, and Heather Ross (esp. Munki Munki) fabrics, just to make this quilt.

Inspiration struck yesterday. I was flipping through my current issue (Feb 2010) of Quilter's World and there it was. The Diamond Candy quilt! Pretty sure it's a version of the Irish Chain (maybe Triple?). I've modified the magazine's pattern a bit, and figured out the "easiest" way to assemble the block. Now I'm in the process of auditioning fabrics. Whooo hoooo!

I'll update the blog as I go -- a sort of quilt-along if you will! Hopefully that will keep me on track because I need 48 blocks and each has 13+ a small border that may have additional pieces. Soooo 48 times 13 is (mmmm, 24, carry the two, 12, 14, one, hmmm) 648 pieces. At least.

Since creating the diamonds takes an additional piece for many of the blocks, there will be many more than that, depending on whether I want diamonds only in the middle bit or also on disappearing on the let's give a conservative 730 pieces. yowza. And since I want very few duplicates (other than the 'base' pieces), that's a whole lotta cutting and sewing.

My hope is that it'll be a "bed time" quilt, where we can wander the paths and make up stories about the characters we meet on the pieces of the blocks.

Corny? A bit. Totally me? Absolutely.


Friday, January 1, 2010

So Long 2009....Hellloooooo 2010!

I can remember a time when New Year's Eve meant all the "usual" things: parties, drinking, kissing at midnight....

This year, not so much! It's been a long few weeks, and I'm still recovering from having the flu (right before Christmas! I lost so many shopping days. grrrrr. Not that I'm still bitter.)

Which means that last night (NYE) while getting Leith to sleep, I also fell asleep. My sweet husband tried to tempt me with Christmas cake and Champagne, but I was having none of it. Couldn't be bothered to get up. He also came in at midnight to give me a kiss, and says that we had a little chat, but I don't remember it at. all. Poor honey. He deserves so much better than that!

Honestly, the past six months have been a little trying. Cooper was born prematurely. In and out of hospital for *weeks* -- poor guy. He's doing so well now, though. Then GiGi died. Not really unexpectedly, but still very sad. December was all about stomach bugs, snow days and flu. Suddenly, it's the new year.

Lots of possibility for good things this coming year. We're planning a vacation in Scotland (with visits to Wales and Ireland!). I've gotten several requests for more aprons/sewing. Leith continues to amaze us every day. That girl is smart as a whip and too clever by far. She'll be four in a few weeks and I am constantly wondering where has the time gone? Where's my *baby*? lol

Here's hoping that 2010 is a good year for all of us.