Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garage Sale Season has begun!

Yep. It's here. The local craigslist is littered with garage sale announcements.

Don't get me wrong. I *love* garage sales! When I was a (verrrry) poor, single mom, garage sales furnished my apartments, clothed my kids and even gave me a ride to work (yes. I bought a car at a garage sale!).

Leith's Montessori school is having a garage sale FUNdraiser on Friday and Saturday this week. It's been a lot of work to get it going. Tonight's the pricing party -- lots of fun, pizza, music, friends, and most importantly first dibs on other people's crap, erm, cool stuff.

I've already claimed a stroller for our SF trip. Planning to make a wrap/cozy/holder for it, so it's easy to sling across my back and whip out when she's ready to ride. Stay tuned for instructions!

Happy Garage Sale-ing!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two weeks?!

Yes, it's been over two weeks since my last post. Oops.

I've been fighting allergies *and* a cold for a while. blegh. I tend to be quite a bit more introverted when I'm not feeling even though I've been getting lots of computer time, I just haven't felt like posting.

The added bonus of not feeling well is that sewing gets set aside. There are just too many mistakes made when my head's in a funk. I have absolutely no desire to cut myself with a rotary cutter!

We will be going to Berkeley and San Francisco in a couple weeks. Part work (John's attending a conference) and part play -- I <3 San Francisco!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Dress

This was the first year I've made Leith's Easter dress. I'm really happy with how it looks., and I'll probably use the same pattern(s) again in a different fabric. It's a super cute spring/summer dress, and fits *really* well.


I used a couple of Ottobre patterns, the bodice of one and the skirt of another, both from the 3/2008 issue. The shrug is an Onion pattern [#20026]. *swoon* I totally heart the shrug! Have already made a couple more, with plans for others in different sizes. Hello Etsy!


Even managed to match up some of the plaids! The buttons are a pretty yellow that perfectly matches the stripes, too. And you can never go wrong with a wide, long ribbon at the waist.



A couple more pictures, and that's all. I promise!



Sarah thought I'd bought it at Von Maur. That makes me happy, actually, in two ways: that she thinks it's 'professional' and that she remembers how much I like to shop at Von Maur! lol


Monday, April 6, 2009

Good-Bye 'er'

ER Pictures, Images and Photos

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! (Okay, not really, I mean, we all knew it was going to end....)

Watched the last episode last night (or was it Saturday?). Good episode, but....well, there's always a "but" isn't there?

Where was Dubenko? (Because he's a surgeon, not an er doctor?) Why no reference to Banfield's new-baby life? (Or did I just miss that?) How sad were you when Ernest Borgnine's 'wife' died?! Not for her, for him....*sigh*

I really appreciate that they ended it without "ending" it, you know? Plus, the final few seconds, giving us our first look at the whole hospital was pretty cool, even if it was pretty photoshopped.

Now to figure out something to fill that Thursday night hour....


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A trip to the fabric store(s)

I've been pretty good about using stash and not buying new fabric, not even stuff from thrift stores. Until this week anyway. Sheesh. I found some great stuff at one of the local thrift stores, *and* it was 1/2 price day! Several yards of fabric, including 1.5yards of white linen, for less than $10!!

Yesterday was a fun get-inspired-while-picking-up-necessities day. My friend Christy and I went to the local JoAnns and Hancock Fabric shops. As I was leaving the house, John said "Don't buy any fabric at Hobby Lobby." So I didn't. heh heh

I have managed to leave shops without buying any fabric, but yesterday wasn't one of those days. JA had almost no sales going on...I think it was just one of those funny in-between-sales days. I did manage to score some really cute remnants. One of them cried out to become someone's lovey, so I had to buy some coordinating flannel backed satin....oh, and there happened to be two spools of wooly nylon (for 1/2 price!) that will coordinate *perfectly* with the lovey-to-be fabrics.

Christy got some cute wants-to-be-a-purse fabric, and we both got purse handles. I'll be making a FQ Purse -- you can find the tute here at Sew, Mama, Sew.

Speaking of Christy, she's got a *fantastic* giveaway going on right now. You could win one of *five* copies of Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts books! Well, one of four anyway, since I'm planning to win one!! Check it out for yourself (scroll down a bit). But hurry, enter before 10pm on Friday.