Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeling the Swap Love!

We received the most wonderful shirts from barbolot in the craftster A Week of Baby Onesies Swap!! The following pictures do no justice to the fabulous work she did.

These shirts are soooooo amazing. Leith loves them, and dh and I do too! Loving the math and chemistry themes -- and the execution is so *beautiful*!

First up, a stenciled dalek. We <3 The Doctor over here, and this is super cool!


I found out later that this is freezer paper stenciled from a drawing she did! No, it's not photocopied, it's freehand!

An appliqued and hand embroidered robot! The "L" is done wtih tiny little beads.


Then chemistry goodness:

a beaker full of cherries (reverse applique and hand embroidery)




Happy H2O molecule!! (machine applique)

I think this one is my favorite -- because Leith is the apple of my pi - er, apple of my eye! - and we lurve apple pi(e):


hand applique. What you can't see is the gorgeous hand embroidered blanket stitch around everything!

Plus, that picture just cracks me up!

Check out barbolot's blog. It's one of my favorites -- she's *very* talented!


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