Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chicks Rule!

It's true! I'll have to get a photo this weekend, but I am super happy with my latest 'creation' -- an adorable dress for Leith. It's made with light blue D&G "Chicks Rule!" fabric for the body and navy blue for the sleeves and neckline. It's my take on the Olivia pattern.

For some reason I'm rather hesitant to use real explanation, I just have a mental block. This afternoon I decided it was time to use some of that yummy fabric, so I prepared a pattern based on a t-shirt pattern and my interpretation of the Olivia, minus the hood. I'm so excited at how well it came out! I made sure to center one of the chicks on the front chest (maybe it's a little low?), and lucked out with the "Chicks Rule!" being right under the back neckline.

The whole thing sewed up in about an hour! Yes, an hour. She wore it to the ice cream social tonight and got a few compliments, mostly of the "no way you made that!" variety. Planning to wash it (did I mention the ice cream social? lol) and have her wear it to GiGi's birthday party on Sunday.

It's been a busy, exciting evening. After the ice cream social, we drove down to Southpoint and got our new phone plan. Since it's a different carrier than we'd had, I *had* to get a new phone...John twisted my arm and talked me into a BlackBerry Curve. Ruby Red. She's so pretty! Oh! That reminds me...I *do* have a picture of L in the new dress:


Her sleeves are rolled up -- the hem and sleeve ends are just rolled hem on the serger. Used a light blue wooly nylon, but it didn't really show up..just the gray thread. Still, it looks super cute!


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