Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Time for Sewing!

The duplex is still on the market. We've just had the floors refinished (they look *fantastic*) and Sarah's in the process of painting the entire thing! She's just finished the living room and hallway. Started on one of the bedrooms, but the paint is too pink for those the hall, living room and both bedrooms will be the same latte color, and the bathroom and kitchen will be peachier/sand colored. Then it's over to Y Street for a bathroom paint job there. At least the tenants will be moving in there soon!

Last night we bought a new stove/oven for the duplex. Yay. It'll be delivered today some time.....

John made a beautiful dinner last night: salmon. It's my favorite! Seared salmon, rice and pesto. Mmmmmmmm.

Well, gotta run. Hoping to get a little something accomplished in the sewing pit, er, room this morning. Wish me luck!


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