Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday GiGi!!

Today is my grandmother's 92nd birthday! Leith and I drove up to Aurora to visit GiGi and wish her Happy Birthday!

Leith slept in the car mos to the way there...we stopped at the grocery store and bought some ice cream, then headed over to GiGi's place. My mom was there, too. She brought the cake, actually little cupcakes. GiGi opened presents and we sang Happy Birthday to her.

"What do you get for a 92 year old woman?" you may well wonder. I sure did! Luckily she had a wish we got her a clock! Yes, a clock. That's what she wanted so that's what she got!

Leith was pretty hesitant when we first arrived, but she was soon back to her adorable self...even managed to sit for a picture with GiGi! Will post when we get that from my mom's camera. By the time we were leaving, Leith even told GiGi "Happy Birthday" -- unfortunately in a soft voice that GiGi couldn't hear. :-(

We'll have a family party for her on the 28th...combining it with John's birthday so she can help him celebrate his mid-40s. whooo hoooo. He's about as excited as you'd expect him to be. lol


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