Saturday, September 6, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Thursday night was an etsy team meeting. So much fun!!! It also was a kick in my pants, productivity-wise. I love spending time with creative minds. Okay, and just getting out of the house was refreshing, too!

Friday, Allen and Nanda visited. Dinner at The Oven (ooooohhhhh YUM) and coffee/tea and cookies at home. Then they were off again this morning.

Farmers Market for us this morning. If by morning I mean 11:40 (FM closes at Noon!). I did manage to remember the Montessori craft fair applications, and handed out several of them while we were there. It's been ages since we last had a FM run, so it was wonderful to see all the new booths, and check out my old favorites.

Lucinda and I went out for lunch - mmmmmm Thai food! Then headed back here and she continued her quest to improve our 'curb appeal' -- the space between the curb and sidewalk was dismal, at best. She's been digging up that, planting this, replanting's starting to look like someone cares! Today was thyme and Lamb's ear - she brought some from her gorgeous yard. We even managed to put down a flagstone/rock, so I don't step on the plants when getting into the passenger seat of our car.

John and Leith went to a math department picnic, so I had over two glorious hours to myself. I used it for good and not evil! Finished up two skirts, cut and sewed a scarf (supposedly for Leith but much to long, so darn it, I'll have to keep it for myself), and traced several patterns. Next up is stitching some straps and ties and getting to those Anna tops I have cut out!

Leith was so exhausted she went to sleep at 7:30 pm! She *never* does that -- but she didn't want to nap today, and we've been busy, busy, busy. Here's hoping she'll just sleep through until morning.

Lots of stormy weather right now. Wind howling, rain beating on the roof and windows. I really enjoy 'good' storms -- no tornados, or damages, just wet, noisy nature.


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