Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally some sewing!

I have been sewing. Not every day, but quite often, and having some fun, too.

Used this totally cute cheeky monkey fabric for a skirt for Leith. (Also a too-long scarf and a super cute hat. Have to show those later.) Could not be easier. A simple elastic waist, one side seam and serging along the bottom. It's great practice, and I'm finally becoming confident with elastic waists!

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I really like this picture. She doesn't look so great, but the colors are terrific and there's just a nice 'urban' look to it (great spin on "our neighbor's ugly driveway and garage" eh?).

She was playing with a stick, doing the "aaaarumpf rumpf rumpf" sound of leading the Wild Things parade.

There are also several elmo fleece items in our hallway, waiting for an etsy listing or the Montessori Craft Fair. Better get some pictures.

Ohhhh, also, I went to Scout today. She had the cutest kidiquins (my word. I'm so proud.) made from muslin. Yes, I will be making one or two for display purposes at the craft fair. Of course, if someone wanted to buy one, I wouldn't be opposed.....hoping to make one tomorrow or at least over the weekend, just to see how it goes.


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