Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday doctor who?

DH isn't a real doctor, merely a PhD Wink (inside joke)

Anyway, we're big Who-ligans over here, so what better than a TARDIS cake for my doctor. Carrot cake from scratch - first time *ever* - and instead of one big loaf, I made nine individual loaves. Eight of them were regular, but one was special:

It's not bigger on the inside, just yummier!

We had company last night for a Dinner, Dessert & Debate evening. The regular cakes were a big hit. I was in a hurry to do the TARDIS thing, after company left and before DH came into the kitchen, so it's not ideal, more like a prototype for the 'real' cake on Sunday.

Oh, can't forget the recipe. Lots of raves. I used Walnut Oil and it is fantastic! Also, I lurve carrot cake that doesn't have raisins!


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