Saturday, November 8, 2008

Upcoming Events

Gotta get the sewing machine sewing, the serger serging and the iron ironing. It's going to be a busy few weeks at the refibered household!

First up, Lincoln Handmade will be part of Etsy's Around the World virtual trunk show on November 13! Etsy's doing 24 hours of trunk shows, and LNKhandmadeTeam gets an hour to show off members' items! Christy (our "Prez") is doing so much leg work to make this happen. We'll have a dry run on Monday, then Thursday is the real deal! Make sure you check it out on Thursday evening from 7-8pm CST!

Saturday, November 22 there is a local artisan's bazaar at Body & Balance 2300 South 48th Street here in Lincoln. Check out their newsletter. This one's still tentative for me, haven't heard back yet, but I do plan to attend and help support my fellow crafters and Friendship Home!

LNKhandmadeTeam is also spreading the Etsy love at the Seasons of Crafts show on December 6 and 7. Four team members will be showing on Saturday, and two on Sunday. Head out to the Lancaster County Event Center and check out all the fabulous crafts and foods.

Oh yeah, and in there some time we have to fit in a little thing called Thanksgiving! and Christmas decorating! I'm planning to do a lot of handmade shopping at these events! Guess what you're getting for the holidays! lol



Chimera Crochet said...

I hope it's a fleece body tube for me and a KKK robe for Else! (~_^)

refibered said...

You crack me up! LMAO