Monday, November 10, 2008

a few things for my etsy shop

Just a few quick pictures of some new things for Leith and for my etsy shop....why does it always take longer to do the photos and list it than it does to make the things?! LOL

First up, an adorable little toddler tote bag. I'm not a fan of the 1930s repro fabrics, but this color/fabric combo really appeals to me.


Next, one of my all-time favorite patterns, Farbenmix Anna. I totally <3 this pattern. It's going to take three pictures to show off this beauty. Pretty pink toile and funky pink dots! First, this shows the back when the dots are at the front:


The front of the dress with each fabric:



Last, but certainly not least, a Yee Haw Christmas dress. This is using the Farbenmix Vida pattern and some really fun cowboy themed holiday fabric. After looking at the pictures, I realized the elastic hasn't been put in yet! I got so excited about getting pictures because it's so cute, that I forgot to do the last step!


And a close up of the fabrics:


I used some great vintage buttons from my grandmother's stash, so I think this one will stay in the just happens to be Leith's size!



Chimera Crochet said...

I love both things! So with the first dress, they would have to wear a shirt and pants under it? I'm confused.

refibered said...

Yep. In winter a long sleeved shirt and tights, in spring/summer a short sleeved shirt.

I'll bring one to our next meeting so you can see it.