Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Saturday's Craft Show

There was a local artisan's bazaar at the Yoga Body & Balance studio last Saturday. It was in part to benefit the Friendship home. They had food, drinks, conversation and, of course, hand crafted art "by some of Lincoln's finest established and budding artisans." Who would have guessed I'm a budding artisan? lol So many creative and talented vendors were there.

According to the YB&B folks, there were vendors with "crocheted wearables; semi-precious stone jewelry; hand embroidered pillows; paintings; ACEO cards; poetry books crafted by author; handmade journals; hat boxes; a novel; musical recordings; baby clothes; chakra readings; plus a variety of gift baskets from several vendors and more."

Here are a couple of quick pictures of my booth (click for full picture):


Maybe you recognize a few things from my etsy shop? A few things not yet in the shop, too.


We were kind of crammed together, and there was an artist against the corner to the left of my booth, so I didn't raise the clothes rack, which makes it look even more crammed together.

I had a good time. Got to be in the LincolnHandmade section, next to Christy and Lisa. They had a few sales, but all in all it was a pretty small show. We decided it was great practice for the Seasons of Craft show on December 6 and 7.


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