Saturday, November 15, 2008

Etsy Virtual Trunk Show - recap

Whooooo boy that was fun!! Etsy hosted a 24-hour virtual trunk show, and my local Etsy team, Lincoln Handmade, was featured in one of the rooms!

It was like a virtual craft show. Vendors got to chat about a few items, and 'buyers' got to meet shop owners. Sometimes it was a little confusing, and sometimes there were buyers who didn't know what they'd stumbled in to, so there were some repetitive questions, but all in all it was great! Lots of support from team members really helped.

There were actually several Etsy teams in different rooms in the virtual labs area of Etsy. Each team had one or two hours to split up amongst team members. Each member had a few minutes to post a thumbnail of their items (which linked to their shops), and chat a bit about the item. Members could make special offers (free shipping, free gift w/ purchase) or play a quick game (find the _____ in my shop and receive it free), those sorts of things.

I think this is a relatively new scheme through Etsy, and I'm hoping they'll do it more often. We had pretty good turnout, I got a couple of new hearts, and I saw some really wonderful and creative items made by team members. The best part was, I won a pair of earrings from LynetteFast! She had a giveaway during her portion of the show, and I was the lucky winner!

Being the lazy bum, erm, procrastinator that I am, I spent most of the two days before the show in mad preparation rather than marketing. *sigh* Well, at least I've got a little bit of stock in my shop now. And more to add. Just have to get my "pro" status from flickr!


p.s.: Check out those Etsy labs. They have tons of information, suggestions and inspiration!

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