Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday/Anytime Skirt v1.0

Well, I managed to finish it today! Actually, I finished several things today: cleaned off the patio, stored the furniture, tossed the tossables and saved the saveables, all that *and* this adorable skirt!

Christmas side:


(yes, it is blurry. a blurry picture of a stationary object.)

Anytime side:


I am ridiculously proud of how this turned out. My own pattern! Okay, not pattern so much as instructions. Tomorrow is a school day, so hopefully I'll get a couple more done. Some will have the bias tape like this, some will have rolled hems, some will be regular hemmed. Maybe.

Adding this to craftyconservative's "I made it myself" Monday theme!



Christy said...

You want to add this to my I Made it Myself post today (coming soon)? It looks great!

refibered said...


Thanks Christy, I *just* added it!