Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I left my heart in San Francisco

Finally, some pictures of our recent trip! We were more into experiencing the trip than photographing it, so not many pictures. But here are a few:

Kelly & Leith at Union Square

Kelly & Leith at Union Square

Leith was fascinated with the flowers being sold on the street corners. We let her buy a daisy one day...the next day she insisted on stopping at another flower vendor. He was so sweet and generous. He offered her the pretty yellow rose and refused payment.

Early Sunday afternoon we went out for dim sum, then we stopped by the Museum of Modern Art. Literally stopped by it....went in to the gift shop, then popped across the street to check out the fountains at Yerba Buena Park.

SF Museum of Modern Art

The taller building is not part of the SFMMA, but sure makes an interesting photo!

The fountains were a big hit. It was *hot* that day!

Sunny Day in San Francisco

Leith, Daddy & Fountains

Our flight was in the afternoon on Monday, so that morning we went to Chinatown for some red bean cakes and a little window shopping.

Little Redhead in SF Chinatown

All in all, we had a blast. Plenty of good food, lots of things to see and some fun memories. We can hardly wait to go back!


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