Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heart Melter

I love sewing for Leith. She's rather easy to please, and it's fun to make pretty dresses and things for her. The other day I made a peasant-style dress out of knit fabrics (it's a pattern for wovens). I should have made a size smaller, because the dress is too big -- but I know she'll grow into it!

knit fabric Miss Madeline

Anyway, I took it downstairs to show John, and lament about it being the wrong size.

Me (holding up dress): "So, what do you think?"

John: "Pretty. Is she really that big?"

Leith: (hugs the dress) "Mommy! Is that for me!?! Oh Mommy, I love it!! Thank you so much for making it!! Can I wear it to church tomorrow?"

She was so excited and sounded so happy!

Unfortunately, it is way too big so she didn't get to wear it. Still. That conversation is one of the main reasons I like to sew!



KBriggs said...

but what about the photo?
even if it is big, i would love to see your girl's happy face with her dress.

April said...

Your daughter has a twin in Idaho. A friend of mine - her little girl looks JUST like yours but with blonde hair. My hair was just like your daughter's when I was her age.