Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, Ice Day is more descriptive....there's a thick, icky sheet of ice over everything outside. John couldn't even open the truck door! He did manage to get the car cleared, after half an hour, but he's decided to work from home anyway.

School's cancelled. Leith's watching PBS. John's working in the library. I'm debating whether or not to eat the drizzled pretzel sticks we made for classmate treats....guess which way I'm leaning? lol

I did finish the assistant teacher's apron yesterday! Unfortunately she won't get it until next year, as school's out for the year. Maybe this will teach me to give early next time.

apron for assistant teacher

Used some pretty Amy Butler "charmed" fabric and a green with hot pink polka dots for this one.

I've been having fun with aprons lately. There are a few more on my to-do list for gifts this year. Better get moving!


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