Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Shirt for my Supergirl!

John and Leith went to the park this morning (yes, it is December in Nebraska - but the weather's been decent the last few days!) and I got to do some sewing room stuff. I traced a pattern from Ottobre (1/2006, #17), and this afternoon during tyke's naptime, I managed to get it sewn up!

I think it's super cute (ha ha). The hem and sleeve ends need to be rolled, but I have to get some black serger thread. How do I not have black serger thread?!

Supergirl raglan shirt - size 98


supergirl raglan shirt - detail

Yay! It's sewn entirely on the sewing machine because of the lack of the aforementioned black serger thread. (Seriously, it's a *basic color* for gosh sakes!)

She should be waking up in a few minutes...hopefully she likes it, too.


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