Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is it cheating....

if yesterday's post was about the craft show and today's post has pictures from said craft show? I think not!





Last night some of the LincolnHandmadeTeam members had a little holiday get together at my place. Did I take pictures? No. Of course not. Why would I need pictures? duh.

At least Lisa and Christy were thinking and got some photos. Maybe tomorrow I can cheat and link to their posts with pictures....


Christy came over this morning for a sew-along. I hope she had at least as much fun as I had! She worked on a super secret project and I worked on a quick tunic for Leith.

Makes me think I should get moving on my idea to have a sew-along day once a month with crafty friends. Just need a place to gather, some drinks and treats, and some invites. I'm thinking a Saturday mid-day/afternoon once a month or so. Would you go to something like that? Get some motivation and inspiration, have a few laughs, just *be* with other creative folks.

Now I just need to bind the neck, do something with the sleeves and hem, then the tunic's done. Think I can finish it tonight so she can wear it to Cookies & Crafts Day at Montessori? We'll see. We'll see.



Christy said...

Totally cheating!

I'm glad I'm so attractive.
Just sayin'.

I had a great time today. In fact, my Thursday appt. fell through so now I've free. Can I come then instead of waiting until next week? Or, is two times in a week too much Christy to handle?

refibered said...

Wouldn't it be *three* times? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday?

Regardless, yes, come on over...it'd be impossible to have "too much Christy to handle"!

Oh, the room won't be any tidier. Just sayin'.


Chimera Crochet said...

Ehn! What about me? Can't I crochet along?
Will you do some in the afternoons so Elsa can see Leith? If they are in the mornings, can Elsa watch videos upstairs? Please..
so.. lonely.. here... so.. very.. loney..