Monday, December 8, 2008


This past weekend was the "Seasons of Craft" show/fair. Several of the LincolnHandmadeTeam members got together and rented a booth. Four of us shared the space on Saturday (Christy, Lisa, Lynette and moi), then it was just me on Sunday. Can you say "colossal waste of time"? Not really, Saturday was actually kind of fun. Who would't want to hang out with crafty ladies?! Lots of laughs, very few buyers. Sunday was fewer laughs, what with being by myself most of the day, and even fewer sales.

Lisa showed up on Sunday afternoon and relieved my boredom by putting on a fashion show (camera batteries were drained, or I'd have taken a few pictures). She also helped me tear down at 3:45.

It's a good thing I don't base my self worth on how many sales I have (or don't have, in this case). There was a lot of positive feedback ("nice work" "that's so creative" "ohhhh pretty"), which is good.

Now it's time to charge up those batteries, get over the bummed outness of the weekend, and get some of those items posted on my etsy shop. You know etsy, where they actually appreciate good quality, handmade, stylish items....


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Chimera Crochet said...

Let's get this etsy thing going! Have you added tags to your flickr photos? Added them to groups? Commented in the forums? Maybe initiate a few trades?