Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Sewn Goodness....

What started out as a frustrating week has turned into a relatively productive week....

Dubenko, my serger (what? you don't name your tools? ha!), was having fits. I'm sure it was all his fault. Couldn't have been my fault, right? Maybe he just needed a few days' rest. I'd been working him pretty hard....

Anyway, no amount of re-threading was solving the issue, so I simply walked away. Five days before a craft show, needing to make a few hats, sure, why not just ignore the problem. Tried again Tuesday morning and no go again. By this time I'd spent so much time trying to figure out the problem I couldn't even remember what a properly threaded serger was supposed to look like. So I went to the sewing machine shop and looked at a cooperative machine.

I didn't take Dubenko with me, just went in to see where the threads should go and remind myself how it should look. The shop owner suggested that I start chaining on a piece of fabric, instead of the hold/pull method I'd been using. So when I got back home I sat down, re-threaded Dubenko(again) and started on a piece of fabric. Guess what. Sometimes those repair dudes know what they're talking about. Yay! Dubenko and I are now on speaking terms again.

The productive part of the week? Well, I finished an adult size elf-ish hat. Since I know it fits grown ups, I'll be making more of those for the craft show this weekend. Then I made a(nother) Christmas dress for Leith.



This is my version of a curved bodice Olivia-type dress with dual sleeves. I think the bodice is too long, but in general I like how it turned out!

Then, since Dubenko and I were on a roll, I made a Curious George t-shirt for Leith. She *loves* that little monkey. I had just enough CG fabric to make front/back tunic length panels, and had the pretty yellow rib knit for the sleeves and neckline. When I showed this to John, he almost didn't believe that I'd made the whole thing, he asked where the neckline piece had come from! I took it as the compliment he meant.


and another, just 'cuz she's cute!


To top it all off, I did do some craft show work! Made these three reversible aprons.


I'm still tweaking the pattern (again, my own cobbled from bits here and there), but it's relativey fast and easy, so you can look forward to more, soon.


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