Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's happening! The sewing room is really coming together! Now I'm wishing I'd taken some "before" pictures. Not really. It was sooooooo messy and awful. Just drained away my creative juices and caused a bit of anxiety. Not at all conducive to creative genious-ness.

What's been accomplished? Most of the fabrics have been "put away" for now, at least. The buffet's been brought in - and put to good use already. The cutting table's nearly clear, and so many things have found their place! I really feel like I can breathe in there now, and I *want* to get creative. No more just feeling like I *should* be creating, but actually being stifled by the surroundings.

I did put one shelf unit in the basement, and moved another to it's recently-vacated spot. Was able to sort through the "stuff-to-recon" and separate out the "just needs appliques" - then the recon stuff got its new place. Rather than being simply stuffed into a corner.

How did I tame the fabric beast? Well, I decided that there are a lot of fabrics that I definitely won't be using in the next three months, so I put them in a couple of large totes. The holiday fabrics have come out, and are happily residing in a tote that is happily residing in the buffet. I took the drawers out of the buffet, and the tote fits neatly into the bottom! Other fabrics that I'm planning to use for wrap dresses, wrap tops and skirts are now in a laundry basket. An empty basket is at the ready for the cut-and-ready-to-sew stuff. That way those things won't just get piled up on the cutting table.

My theory is that in three months I'll pull out those totes and trade out some fabrics. Stuff that's too autumnal for spring sewing, too heavy for summer, "definitely won't use it in the next three months" stuff will all go away for a while. That way, I keep rotating my fabrics. It'll be like having "new" fabrics without the trip to the shop!

Will post pictures in the next couple of days. Rather dreary, rainy days here don't make for good pictures.

All in all I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along. Not done yet, probably never will be! How long can I call it a work in progress? lol


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Chimera Crochet said...

Good job! You must have been sending out some cleaning mojo waves because I picked up my studio. Picked up being the key phrase, not cleaned. ;-)