Friday, August 1, 2008

Why do I do that?

Seriously, we spent three weeks in Scotland and do you think I used this (or any) blog for posting memories of the fabulous time we had? No. gah. Oh well, guess it will have to do to say "We had a terrific time."

Now that we're home, though, I am really going to move on the etsy stuff and get back to sewing with a vengeance. (Hey, that'd be a cool shop name!) My assistants (sewing machine and serger) will be back today from their little holiday, too. Took them in for maintenance just before we left, so I can pick them up today and get started immediately! Yay!!

Instead of being on line, I should be busy tidying my sewing room. Instead of just lamenting about that, I think I will go do it. TTFN!!


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