Saturday, July 12, 2008

The lassies and lad are in Edinburgh

We're safely arrived and very happy to be here! No, it didn't take quite that long to get here -- we left Monday, today's Saturday -- but it has taken a while to get past the jet lag!

Having a wonderful time here. What an absolutely beautiful city. You simply cannot imagine just how gorgeous it is! The hills, waters, trees, art and architecture are simply stunning. Even the newer developments are fabulous! Cookie cutter, yes, but somehow so different from new developments in Lincoln.

We've visited with John's cousins and have seen his aunt and uncle. It's been just over a year since we last saw them...they're all terribly impressed with much she's grown, her gorgeous hair, her cute little American accent! lol I say "What accent?"

Katharine and Michael's kids have grown quite a bit, too. David is 13 and quite impressive. He has wonderful speaking skills and is very polite. It's really nice to talk with him. Zoe is 8 now and she's very taken with Leith. I think Zoe wishes Leith was closer in age so they could play together more, but they have a good time together nonetheless.

I finally feel that I'm getting the hang of this city. The streets can be quite confusing because they curve and bend, and at any given block they may be called something different than the previous block. For example, I wanted to go to Newington Road today. So while we're on the same road, that will ultimately become Newington Road, it went through three or four name changes. So streets can be miles long, but the names are merely a few blocks long.

Currently we're at a Holiday Inn in Edinburgh. We have a magnificent view of the city -- nearly 180 degrees! We can see the castle from here and all the way over to the Firth of Forth. Stunning.

Leith's finally on a schedule that more closely resembles her home schedule. She's been a trouper, but the jet lag has been rough on all of us. I'd imagine that by the time we need to leave, she'll finally be settling in!


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