Sunday, August 3, 2008


I am supposed to be clearing out and cleaning out my sewing room. Got a pretty good start, then uncovered several fun fabrics that were set aside for particular projects.

Since my cutting table was nearly clear, I decided to reward myself by working on one of the projects. Then realized that I'd need to sort my box of bias tape/rick rack, so worked on that for a while. Moved the project to sort the box. Found the ribbon I'd been looking for and pulled out the project for that. It's now set on the cutting table, too. Decided that no, I would not be distracted from my initial goal this morning (cleaning. remember?).

Then J and L came home. He brought the printout of a new pattern I need to test. Out came the fabrics for that project. L went down for a nap. I auditioned other fabrics for the test pattern. All those fabrics are out on the table. Had to look for my Swedish tracing paper so I could trace the pattern and get it cut out this afternoon. Can't find it. L woke up from her nap.

We head downstairs for a snack. Napping on a hot day can really make a gal hungry! A couple of wheatabix and a glass of milk later, we head upstairs to the attic for some puppies. No, we don't have a dog, she wants to watch 101 Dalmatians. So. Here I am, logged on to the computer while the Disney classic entertains my tyke. Since the sewing room's on another floor, I'm sort of trapped here, listening to a movie I've seen/heard at least a hundred times. *sigh*

Oh well, J will be relieving me in about half an hour...then I'll head back to the sewing room to....what was it again? Oh yeah, get distracted by something pretty.


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