Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A trip to the fabric store(s)

I've been pretty good about using stash and not buying new fabric, not even stuff from thrift stores. Until this week anyway. Sheesh. I found some great stuff at one of the local thrift stores, *and* it was 1/2 price day! Several yards of fabric, including 1.5yards of white linen, for less than $10!!

Yesterday was a fun get-inspired-while-picking-up-necessities day. My friend Christy and I went to the local JoAnns and Hancock Fabric shops. As I was leaving the house, John said "Don't buy any fabric at Hobby Lobby." So I didn't. heh heh

I have managed to leave shops without buying any fabric, but yesterday wasn't one of those days. JA had almost no sales going on...I think it was just one of those funny in-between-sales days. I did manage to score some really cute remnants. One of them cried out to become someone's lovey, so I had to buy some coordinating flannel backed satin....oh, and there happened to be two spools of wooly nylon (for 1/2 price!) that will coordinate *perfectly* with the lovey-to-be fabrics.

Christy got some cute wants-to-be-a-purse fabric, and we both got purse handles. I'll be making a FQ Purse -- you can find the tute here at Sew, Mama, Sew.

Speaking of Christy, she's got a *fantastic* giveaway going on right now. You could win one of *five* copies of Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts books! Well, one of four anyway, since I'm planning to win one!! Check it out for yourself (scroll down a bit). But hurry, enter before 10pm on Friday.


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