Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yep. SWAT. Just like on TV.

There have been police cars blocking the cross street just to the South of us (1/2 block away!) and in the alley (adjacent to our house/property).....there are two officers standing at the back of a property two houses down and across the alley from our house. We can't see the front of that property, but we can tell that the street is blocked off. There are six duplex/cottages, and it looks like they're focusing on one of the middle cottages, so we can't exactly see what's happening...

This has been going on for at least three hours. I'm curious, but not alarmed. [5:15 pm]

Jessica, who lives next to us on the North, just called and asked what's going on because *her* friend called and said that SWAT is out front of the cottage property! [5:20pm]

At 5:45, Jessica sent a text message that her friend can see that the police are escorting neighbors out...we haven't been contacted, but are calling the PD to find out if we should leave, too.

LPD dispatch put me through to the Sgt. in charge. He contacted the SWAT commander and asked if we should be leaving....answer: we're not considered for escort, but if we feel unsafe we are welcome to leave.

Soooo, what would any nosy neighbor do? yep. Stay. We can see a lot of what's going on through the attic window.

It's really kind of creepy to see SWAT dudes, with real, *actual* guns, walking up and down the alley just 10 feet from your kitchen! There are a bunch of people outside, some news cameramen, some neighbors, looky-loos, too....

John and Leith went outside to maybe get a little more information. [6:30]

A flurry of activity about 6:40...the police dog straining at his leash...the SWAT dudes moving quickly toward the cottages...

Then it just seemed to be done. What was done? Don't really know!

John and Leith just came back into the house....apparently it was a guy upset about a breakup. Initial report was of someone vandalizing cars in the neighborhood, and apparently the responding officer became concerned and the call turned into a not-so-routine situation.

Looking out the window again, from a slighly different angle, I could see a guy, mid-20s to mid-30s, yellow tshirt, shorts, being handcuffed in the alley. Ultimately, he was loaded into an abulance.

Guess we'll find out more at 10 tonight! (That's when the news is on!)

Whew. Rather exciting, in a strange way. I'm just glad that no one was injured, and am hoping the guy gets whatever help he needs.


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