Tuesday, March 24, 2009

challenge entry

Have you checked out the challenge entries at christynelson.net?

There are some amazing crafts. Seriously, the competition is fierce this month! Lots of Easter-themed projects. And then there's my little entry.

I decided to do something goofy. (Really? go figure!) We bought a doll house for Leith a few weeks ago and we're wanting to paint it up and make it a little bit like our house. Haven't actually gotten around to painting it, but the craft challenge is a perfect excuse to make some funky furnishings!

Since we're given an odd assortment of items, it makes for an interesting room. Well, maybe not *interesting* but definitely interesting. You know?

So. March 2009 Challenge Packet contents: pastel plastic eggs, pearls, pastel buttons, several lengths of pastel curling ribbon, and a loverly pink fabric. We must use some of each of these items, and can use whatever else we want.

From my stash and supplies, I used: glue, a bit of cardboard, a business card, and some green and white dotted fabric.

What I made: a hanging lamp, a side table, a bed with pillow and quilt! I even staged it in the doll house!

March 2009 Challenge Entry - refibered

Here's one where you can see the little pearl and button feet:

March 2009 Challenge Entry - refibered

Make sure you get over there and vote for your favorite. (It won't be mine, trust me. There are some amazing entries!!)


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