Friday, May 7, 2010

Books, Books and More Books!

We have a library in our now-old house. Well, a pass-through bedroom that we made into a library. Filled with book cases and added shelving. There are also more than a few book cases throughout the now-old house.

books in the living room

Lucky for me, John's in charge of moving all things Library-ish (and Kitchen-ish!) to the new house. You can see he's been pretty busy.

Saturday we'll dismantle the *huge* book case and take it to the new house. It'll be installed in the formal living room and carefully re-filled. Well, not totally. John's been pruning. He has set aside about 25% of the books we own. He says for "further review" -- meaning that he will double-check to be sure we don't "need" them. I think he's hoping I'll take notes for when it comes time to move the little bit of fabric stash that I have.


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