Thursday, April 15, 2010

Much Randomness

Have had a couple of good/fun days lately. Super excited about our new house -- we close next Thursday!

**The local craigslist has been a great source for new-to-us items. We've purchased a sink/faucet/garbage disposal from a guy who was doing a remodel. Which means that we can get rid of our old, dodgy sink/faucet from the '80s and leap into the 21st century (yeah, I *know* it's 10 years old!), for less than the price of a new-new faucet. So, the incredibly heavy sink is in the back of the truck until the handyman gets here. Which won't be until some time after I call him....where's that number again?

**Great Find #2 on craigslist: I've purchased two shelves to use as a base for the cutting table! Great price, perfect size! Pretty sure I'll be building/buying two more, longer shelves for the rest of the base. Great storage, eh?

cl shelves

**Leith is growing by leaps and bounds. It's (usually) so much fun to talk with her and watch her mind at work. A couple of things she's said lately:

She and I were in the car, waiting for John. Leith took off her shoes and, for whatever reason, was smelling her feet. I know. Then she says: "hey mom. my toes smell like hotdogs." (why she thinks that I'll never know. Pretty sure she's never, ever, had a hotdog!)

Today she said: "hey mom. when do we cancel again?" I say: "cancel? cancel what honey?" She says: "cancel and move to our new house." I about busted a gut laughing. She meant "close" -- but "cancel's a good substitute.


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