Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tote

It's been an exhausting week. My tyke's been "sick" -- not terribly, just enough to have her stay home from Montessori. Which means that crafting time is just not there. Don't get me wrong, we do crafy/creative things, but I don't have the ability to do my cutting/sewing/ironing while she's underfoot.

Last night, in spite of the exhaustion, I had an idea for this tote bag. Granted, it's probably not terribly original; what is truly original anymore? But I digress. It was too late to start it last night, because I know better than to try cutting/sewing/ironing while it's late and I'm exhausted. So it had to wait.

Santa suit tote bag

But not for long! My sweet husband put off his Saturday office time just so I could craft! I managed to draft, cut and sew up this tote within a couple of hours.

I totally love this bag! The applique. The size (huge!). The *look*. Even that crazily-shedding silky "fun" fur didn't make me curse (much)! It's made with bright red velvet and is fully lined with a Santa "vintage postcard" fabric.

Santa suit tote bag, back

What a blast! I'm soooo looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping now!

I'm thinking about doing a tutorial for it. Would you be interested?



Danielle Kellogg said...

A tutorial would be awesome

GG With A Twist of Lime said...

Yes, yes a tutorial would be fabulous!!!!!

mocha said...

+1 for a tutorial. i <3 this bag.

Pinktulip said...

This is so cute! I did consider making Xmas gift bags again last year but ran out of time. Would love to see a tutorial!