Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PBK Style

Let me start out by saying I love Pottery Barn style and quality. Those prices, though. uh uh. But their catalogs are are free and sooooo pretty. Lots of inspiration in those pages.

Several months ago I was flipping through a PBK catalog and totally fell in love with this desk, but seriously hated the price (sure, *now* it's on sale! lol). But I'm thrifty and crafty. Figured there had to be a DIY way.

Probably the next day, kid you not, I was in a thrift store and found this:


It's a little shabby, someone half-heartedly painted it white, but has some pretty bones. Plus it's a true roll top desk. For a kid. Best part? It was only $10! Of course I took it home. Where it sat on the porch for about two months. (Where's the shame faced smiley?)

Then the weather started to change. There's snow in the forecast. Snow. It's hard to paint furniture in the snow. Yesterday, however, was windy and sunny. I got out my spray paint and the drawer pulls I got at Target a couple weeks ago.

Now my shabby, thrift store find has become a gorgeous, PBK-inspired piece of furniture:



Now it happily resides in my tyke's bedroom. I'm ridiculously happy with how this one has turned out.


Cost comparison:

PBK - $249 (okay, it's $149 on sale, but still), plus delivery

Mine - $10 desk, $12 spray paint, $8 drawer pulls, elbow grease

Bonus: the book rack above the desk is also inspired by PBK. They wanted about $99 for theirs, mine was $1 at an auction, plus some spray paint.

What do you think?



Crafterella said...

OMG, how adorable it that??? What thrift shop are you going to and can I come along next time? I never find cute furniture like that, it all that crappy wood laminate, boxy and no character stuff!

BellasSweetBoutique said...

I love it! You are so creative and saved lots of money at the same time!!

Ashley said...

it is AWESOME! And what the heck, I have painted many a pieces of furniture but NEVER have used pray paint... where have I been?! Is it easy to get evenly applied everywhere?! Fill me in...

julie said...

This totally rocks and you are a rockstar!