Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping....

into the future!

It's been a crazy, hectic and nerve-wracking summer. Still is, actually. Haven't done much sewing or crafting at all. Been a bit depressed, which keeps me introverted, which means I don't do much posting/chatting/interacting with people. *sigh*

Let's recap, shall we?

*Cooper was born early, went home relatively quickly, but is once again hospitalized. Initially with whooping cough (I seriously did not realize how awful this can be in an infant. Scary.), and continuing with a secondary infection. He's at Children's Hospital in Omaha, with loads of specialists and all, but it's rather far away, especially when you know his mama (my dd, Jessica) and family would rather be holding him at home.

*John was offered a job with Google, in Mountain View, California. There was a *lot* of discussion between us about whether or not to accept it. Ultimately, we decided not to go. Now of course we're dealing with the thoughts of "what if" and a bit of regret.

*My laptop bit the dust. Okay, not completely, just couldn't log on to the web. But what other use do I have for it?! lol There was about a week it was not usable. John saved what he could, then wiped the hard drive. It then took a few days to get everything re-loaded, re-installed.

*Last week I tripped and fell. (Feel free to skip to the end of the post...there's just some whining in this bullet point!) Hard. On to my right knee. Now it's swollen, sore and badly bruised. Very badly bruised. Like all the way down to under my ankle! It's rather disturbing, actually. Hoping it clears up quickly.

Anyway, those are just a few of the "highlights" of our summer. I'm making an effort to do more posting...okay, it's true, "any" posting would be more than I've been doing! Even neglected the LincolnHandmade team blog (I was supposed to post on Sunday. oops. Sorry ladies!).

Leith goes back to school on the 24th. (Not that I'm counting the 12 days until then or anything!) She'll be doing three full days and two half days. That should be plenty of time for me to be churning out some lovely pieces!

Oh, one last thing. I've decided to avoid the CPSIA hassle all together....the only kids' clothes/item I'll be making will be for Leith. I will, however, be making some gorgeous quilts and wonderful tote bags for folks ages 12 and up. Yay!


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