Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coming up soon....

Feeling much better, and the blechs are pretty much gone at our house (knock wood, eh?), so I've got some ideas and plans to get back into regular blogging.

Look for a couple of tutorials before the end of the month. One is a fun dolly blanket that you could make any size, and it would be a great blanket for a *real* baby, too! I'll also have some quilting ideas, as well as some links to more great online inspiration.

There'll also be a sneak preview to my February Challenge entry. Make sure you sign up for the March Challenge. I hear Christy will be offering an awesome prize!

Since it appears we'll be pretty much snowed in this weekend, I'm hoping that a lot of crafting/sewing/baking will get done. oh yeah, and laundry. Mostly crafting, though!


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