Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hello! Welcome to my blog. Come in, have a seat. Would you like anything to drink? Perhaps some virtual water, wine or beer? maybe a virtual margarita?

Whatever your beverage of choice, please make yourself at home. If you've just stumbled across this blog, or found me on purpose, I hope you'll enjoy your visit.
My name is Kelly. I'm a lucky wife, mother and very young grandmother. I'm also rather creative, generally happy and an occasional procrastinator. Hence the have several projects on which I should be working right now!

refibered is a concept I had about a year ago. J and I were living in the UK for several months during his faculty development leave. We had a terrific time over there! During that time, I continued the quilting hobby I'd started a few months earlier. One of my small projects between quilt projects, was a reusable fabric bag. I was hooked. It was fun, quick and better project than that!

I made several bags of various sizes and shapes. When we returned to the states, I coined the term "refibered" to mean projects made with recycled, reused and refurbished fabrics. I mentioned the name and bags to a friend of mine and we discovered a shared passion....recylcled, reusable bags. Since then, we've each begun to create bags for gifts and sale....and have used them as they're meant to be used: for groceries, library runs, as basic totes, and on trips.

My goal is to post pictures from time to time, of in-progress and completed projects - whether the project is a bag, article of clothing or quilt. I would love suggestions, critiques and other ideas.

Oh, there will probably be some entries about my family life, too. I'll post a list of 'players' at some point, so you can try to keep up with the cast of characters!


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